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Atlantis Rail Easy Tensioner

Your Price: $16.59
Part Number: 15126

The HandiSwage™ Tensioner is used in architectural cable railing applications. This tensioner is made from grade 316L stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability. It features a slotted base to achieve angles up to 45 degrees. The compression fitting allows for tensioning with simple hand tools. Fasteners included.


The RailEasy™ Tensioner is our primary cable railing tensioning/fastening device. It features mechanical swaging capabilities that allow installers to cut cable on-site, removing the hassle of pre-measuring and the cost of miscalculating dimensions. Each tensioner is made up of durable, corrosion resistant marine grade stainless steel.

Once the complete RailEasy™ Tensioner is mounted on your post, the cable is inserted inside the Receiver Cone (7) and Wedge (6) approximately 1/8” past the bottom edge of the wedge to accommodate the Spacer (5). The cone is tightened onto the Threaded Stud which forces the wedge to push through the cone and bite into the cable as it is tightened.


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