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7 X 3" Star Trim Deck Screw, 305 SS

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SIMPSON Trim Head Star Drive Deck Screws. Driver bit included in every package. 305 Stainless Steel for general construction, industrial and marine applications.
Part Number: 14108

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Trim-Head decking screws are availiable in stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance in marine or high-exposure environments where PVC or composite decks are installed. Trim-Head screws provide a clean finish because of their special head design and are available with painted heads in 13 colors, matched to blend with most major PVC and composite decking manufacturers.

Also available in unpainted square-drive versions for hand-drive applications, as well as collated square-drive versions — with and without painted heads — for use with Quik Drive® auto-feed screwdriving systems.

Key Features

  • Trim-style head is less noticeable on the decking surface
  • Type-17 point for fast starts
  • Coarse threads on approximately 2/3 of the shank draw the decking and other material tightly to the framing
  • 6-lobe drive helps prevent driver-bit cam-out, resulting in easier driving and longer bit life
  • 350-count packs contain enough screws to fasten 100 sq. ft. of decking (6" nominal-width boards installed on 16" o.c. joists)
  • Choose Type 316 for seaside applications and superior corrosion resistance
  • Predrilling recommended near board ends to prevent splitting
  • T-15 6-lobe drive (replacement bit model BIT15T-2)
  • Heads painted for a concealed appearance

       See Composite-Decking Color Cross-Reference chart


  • Fasten PVC and some composite decking materials